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11/8/22 ⚘ site created!
11/8/22 ⚘ working on recovery diary! and psa rater heh
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hello! my name is anastasia, im a lesbian that enjoys persona 5, ensemble stars, twisted wonderland, creepy media, creepy public service announcements, making new friends, identity v, sewing, and tea! i made this little site to use as an outlet and place to practice! if you have any advice feel free to leave it in the cbox :) !!
At first it was nice having someone that understands me...but now, it's much more. There may be times where people resent me for it... but as long as you're here, I'll be OK. You know... I'd like to return the favor. If you ever find yourself in trouble, I'll be there for you. Feel free to rely on me from now on. I have the strength to help you... I can sense it.
no links are done yet and
probably wont be done for
a while, apologies! i hope
you enjoy haru though!
to my partners: i love you
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